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Acidity of sodas, sports drinks and juices

While most people brush twice a day to remove plaque from their teeth to keep them healthy, what happens in between brushings can be very harmful to you teeth.  What I am talking about?  The consumption of sports drinks, energy drinks, fruits drinks and sodas.  By the way,  diet sodas, even though they have no sugar added can be extremely harmful to your teeth.  But why?


Citric, maleic, tartaric, and phosphoric acid are all commonly added to drinks.  While these acids help in flavoring the drinks, daily consumption of them is erosive to your tooth enamel.  What's worse is if you have any gum recession that exposes the root of your tooth.  The effects on the exposed roots is even more pronounced, leading to more erosion and more sensitivity.

RedBull, Coke and Gatorade wind out the top 3 worst beverages for your teeth.  Diet Coke is near the top too.  Some of these beverages are 10,000 to 100,000 times more acidic than water.  Yes, you read that right.  They are liquid acids that will strip the Calcium out of your teeth!

So what do you do?  Avoidance is the best option but not the most realistic one.  If you HAVE TO have your sports drink or diet soda, drink them ONLY with a meal.  No sipping all day.  Drinking with a straw can help and rinsing with water as soon as you are finished will make a big difference too.


Until next time.

Dr. Reber

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