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How does what I eat and drink affect my teeth?

The food and drink that you put into your body affects in your teeth in a number of different ways.

Sugary foods and drinks provide bacteria with the food they love, allowing them to thrive on the surface of your teeth and, eventually, create cavities. Acidic drinks (especially soda) weaken the enamel of your teeth, which can lead to tooth erosion. Unlike other parts of your body, enamel cannot restore itself. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Certain foods and drinks are known to cause stains on your teeth and will affect the appearance of your smile. These include coffee, tea, red wine, dark fruit juices, chocolate, and curry. Brushing your teeth or rinsing your mouth soon after consuming these will help to reduce the staining effect.

Your teeth are also affected by the nutrition you receive from your food. Teeth are bones, and like the other bones in your body, they need calcium and other minerals to stay healthy. Eating calcium-rich foods like low-fat dairy and leafy greens will help keep your teeth strong.

To keep your immune system healthy to better fight off gum disease and other oral health conditions, eat a varied, nutritious diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables and other foods packed with vitamins and antioxidants.

We are happy to discuss additional tips during your appointment to help you and your family eat right for a healthy mouth.

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