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What will happen at my child's first dental appointment?

It depends on the age of your child and whether they’ve received dental care before.

If your child is young and this is the first dental appointment ever, we’ll let them explore the office a bit, sit in the big dental chair, and see if they will let us take a look at their teeth and gums. If not, that’s okay. This appointment is mostly to allow your child to see a dental office and start to become accustomed to the idea that this is a safe place full of friendly people. We’ll discuss home care for young children with you and address any concerns you might have.

If your child is older or you are transferring care from another dentist, we’ll give your child a tour of the office, show them some of the tools we use, and answer any questions your child might have. We’ll then take some x-rays and perform an examination. A cleaning may also be included. Depending on what we find, we’ll plan future care and discuss brushing, flossing, and preventive treatments with you and your child.

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